Oncology Alliance

In the recent years, CIRSE has been very active in reaffirming the role of the interventional oncologist in cancer care. This has been orchestrated within the framework of the Oncology Alliance Subcommittee (OAS), which was established by the CIRSE Executive Committee to promote and develop interventional oncology by collaborating with other organisations involved in cancer care, improving data gathering and constructing a curriculum for specialist training in this field. The OAS provides a resource of interdisciplinary expertise that enables CIRSE to focus on this growing field.

Interventional Oncology: Wikipedia

In 2015, the OAS created and enabled the publication of an Interventional Oncology” page for Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia. The page aims to provide information on IO not only medical specialists, but also the general public, with a full overview of the subspecialty field, covering available procedures, milestones, benefits and related subjects within interventional oncology.  

ECCO Membership

At the end of 2016, CIRSE became a member of the European CanCer Organisation (ECCO), a 35-year-old not-for-profit oncology federation, comprising of 25 member organisations. Representing 80,000 professionals, ECCO promotes interdisciplinary cancer care through education, training and scientific meetings - all while encouraging interaction between European organisations involved in cancer treatment. CIRSE and the OAS are honoured to be part of such a monumental organisation and look forward to fruitful collaboration in the name of multidisciplinary cancer care.     

Oncology Alliance Subcommittee

The Subcommittee considers all matters relating to oncology and advises the CIRSE Executive Committee appropriately.

Andreas Adam      Chairperson                                         
Thierry de Baère  
José Ignacio Bilbao  
Afshin Gangi  
Thomas Helmberger  
Liz Kenny  
Riccardo Lencioni  
Philippe Pereira  

For more information on the Oncology Alliance Subcommittee, please contact
Ms. Birgit Tkalec-Bekina at tkalec@cirse.org