European Conference on Interventional Oncology

April 10-13 | Online

April 10-13 | Online

April 10-13 | Online

April 10-13 | Online

April 10-13 | Online



Watch expert interviews on selected topics from past ECIO congresses below or browse all CIRSE videos on the society’s YouTube channel.

ECIO Virtual: MSK – curative and palliation therapies

Dr Cazzato explains why MSK treatments are becoming increasingly important in the treatment of metastatic bone disease. To browse all ECIO Virtual content, visit the CIRSE Library!

ECIO Virtual: lung and renal tumours

The second instalment of ECIO Virtual covered everything from classification to treatment to upcoming research in lung and renal tumours. To access all of ECIO Virtual, visit the CIRSE Library!

ECIO Virtual: colorectal cancer and cholangiocarcinoma

Find out from ECIO Chairperson Prof Denys why this ECIO Virtual webinar is a must-see for anyone working in interventional oncology!
To access the webinar and all other ECIO content, visit the CIRSE Library!

Presenting your research at ECIO

We caught up with three presenting authors at ECIO 2019 to hear more about their research and participation in the Free Papers Sessions. Abstract submission for ECIO 2020 is possible until November 11, 2019 – Make sure to submit your work!

MSK Curative Treatment

ECIO 2019 featured an emphasis on treating oligometastatic disease. We spoke to Dr. Jack Jennings and Prof. Dimitrios Filippiadis for more insight on how MSK interventional oncology has evolved from palliative treatment to treating with curative intent.

Emergency in IO

We met up with Dr. Roberto Iezzi and Dr. Anthony Ryan at ECIO 2019 where a dedicated session focused on how to deal with emergencies in IO, ensuring a patient-centred approach with clear communication pathways among all treating experts.

Interventional oncology: more than just a procedure

ECIO 2019 Honorary Lecturer Ricardo García-Mónaco joins several IRs and referring physicians to explain why IO encompasses so much more than just technical know-how.

ECIO 2019

With an increase of 22% in susbmitted abstracts and more than 1,490 attendees, the tenth edition of the European Conference on Interventional Oncology broke all previous records, making in the most successful IO meeting to date.

Building the Future of Interventional Oncology

The ninth edition of ECIO took place in the beautiful city of Vienna, welcoming almost 1,400 attendees from all over the world. Check out Honorary Lecturer, Matt Callstrom, and a few of our delegates talk about working in the fastest growing field in cancer care.

Investigating Immunotherapy

The synergistic effects of interventional oncology and immunotherapy are an area of great interest for those involved in cancer care. At ECIO 2018, noted specialists Dr. Hervás Stubbs (immunologist), Prof. Sze (IR) and Dr. Digklia (medical oncologist) explained the basics of how immunotherapy works.

Treatment Strategies for Kidney Tumours

In this video filmed at ECIO 2018, interventional radiologists, Dr. Georgia Tsoumakidou and Dr. David Breen, urologist, Dr. Tommy Nielsen and Prof. Uwe Martens, a medical oncologist discuss the current as well as future treatment options for kidney cancer.