European Conference on Interventional Oncology

April 24-27 | Vienna, Austria

April 24-27 | Vienna, Austria

April 24-27 | Vienna, Austria

April 24-27 | Vienna, Austria

April 24-27 | Vienna, Austria



Watch expert interviews on selected topics from past ECIO congresses below or browse all CIRSE videos on the society’s YouTube channel.

Sneak Peek: HCC treatment

We caught up with Prof. Laura Crocetti to talk about patient selection, guidelines, and future perspectives of HCC treatment; some of the aspects discussed during the HCC sessions at ECIO 2021.

Sneak Peek: Renal cancer treatment

Get a sneak peek at some of the renal cancer topics discussed at ECIO 2021, such as recent advances in ablation, patient selection, and what developments to expect in future years.

Sneak Peek: Multidisciplinary approaches to treating metastatic CRC

We had a conversation with Prof. Dirk Arnold about the importance of multidisciplinary approaches when treating metastatic colorectal cancer, discussing the current treatment options and best practices for interdisciplinary work.

Sneak Peek: Immuno-oncology

We caught up with Prof. Uwe Martens for a very interesting chat about the current status of immuno-oncology, its impact on imaging, and where the field is headed.

Sneak peek: Interventional oncology and COVID-19

We talked to Dr. Roberto Iezzi about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the provision of interventional oncology services, a topic covered in one of the sessions at ECIO 2021.