European Conference on Interventional Oncology

April 16-19 | Stockholm, Sweden

April 16-19 | Stockholm, Sweden

April 16-19 | Stockholm, Sweden

April 16-19 | Stockholm, Sweden

April 16-19 | Stockholm, Sweden

ProgrammeBasic course series

Basic course series


This format aims to offer a basic course series for beginners, focusing on a different organ each year. This year, the topic of this six-hour course will be the liver and will feature three distinct sessions.

Learning objectives:

  • To build a clinical practice in diagnostic and therapeutic image-guided liver intervention
  • To select the best treatment option for a given clinical situation
  • To discuss surgical, radiation, and medical oncology treatments at the tumour board and with referred patients
  • To interact with the other physician in charge of cancer treatment to provide the best diagnostic and therapeutic option to the patient
  • BC 153 – Liver 1
  • BC 253 – Liver 2
  • BC 353 – Liver 3

BC 153 – Liver 1

Sunday, April 16, 17:00-19:00
Moderators: A. Denys (Lausanne/CH), P. Lucatelli (Rome/IT)   

Imaging and biopsy of liver tumours: what an IO should know
A. Najafi (Winterthur/CH)

Anatomy of liver arteries: tips and tricks for catheterism
J. Bell (Manchester/GB)

Ablation tools for liver tumours: RFA, microwave, IRE, cryo, multipolar and monopolar
F. Veloso Gomes (Lisbon/PT)

Compounds for intra-arterial therapies: chemotherapy, lipiodol, beads and embolics
P. Lucatelli (Rome/IT)

BC 253 – Liver 2

Monday, April 17, 17:00-19:00
Moderators: A. Denys (Lausanne/CH), J. Bell (Manchester/GB)

Ablation of primary liver tumours: best indications and best technique
A. Najafi (Winterthur/CH)

TACE of HCC: how to deliver and how to manage the patient?
J. Bell (Manchester/GB)

Ablation of metastatic liver tumours: when and how?
F. Veloso Gomes (Lisbon/PT)

TACE of liver metastases: which patients and how to manage it
P. Lucatelli (Rome/IT)


BC 353 – Liver 3

Tuesday, April 18, 17:00-19:00
Moderators: A. Denys (Lausanne/CH), R. Lewandowski (Chicago, IL/US)

TACE and ablation complications: how to avoid, how to recognise and how to manage
M. Sone (Tokyo/JP)

Radioembolisation: current available tools and dosimetry
R.-T. Hoffmann (Dresden/DE)

TARE in HCC patients: good indications and good practice
E. Bozzi (Pisa/IT)

Radioembolisation out of HCC: CRC, iCC, melanoma and others…
R. Lewandowski (Chicago, IL/US)