European Conference on Interventional Oncology

April 28 - May 1 | Palma de Mallorca, ES

April 28 - May 1 | Palma de Mallorca, ES

April 28 - May 1 | Palma de Mallorca, ES

April 28 - May 1 | Palma de Mallorca, ES

April 28 - May 1 | Palma de Mallorca, ES


Dr. Parham Tinoush

First author, poster “Pre-operative Embolization of Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC): Rational, Results of the Literature and 16-year Real-world Mono-center Analysis.”

Why did you choose ECIO to submit your educational abstract?

The idea of focusing on interventional oncology, the multidisciplinary approach and minimally invasive treatment of patients with malignant diseases has fascinated me since my first time I attended ECIO in 2015. We chose ECIO to present our educational abstract because it would reach the proper audience for our work – interventional radiologists, as well as the colleagues of other related specialties interested in IO. The large and expanding community attending ECIO provides the chance to interact with various colleagues and receive a lot of helpful and productive feedback about our work.

Are there any special considerations to take into account when submitting this type of abstract?

A proper educational abstract addresses the relevant learning objectives for the radiologists and non-radiologists in the field of IO. I think it should present the importance of the objectives in IO, the experience of the authors, as well as the current state of clinical findings.

How did you find the submission process?

The uniform submission platform of CIRSE congresses, including ECIO, is simple and user-friendly. With the help of authors’ guide I could easily and quickly submit our abstract.

Do you have any tips for physicians considering submitting an abstract?

I absolutely recommend submitting your abstract if your presentation is related to interventional oncology. It is important that the readers take a clear message from your abstract, both clinically and scientifically. Doing so, makes it easier to receive clearer comments and feedback about your work.

Will you submit an abstract for ECIO 2023 as well?

It is always a privilege to be a part of ECIO, and 2022 will certainly not be the last time that we will submit our work to ECIO.