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Dear Colleagues,

Developments in cancer care are moving fast and as interventional radiologists, we must make sure our subspecialty stays current by gathering evidence and exerting our presence in the field of oncology. The latter requires strong commitment to a multidisciplinary setting; medical professionals in the field of cancer such as oncologists, radiation therapists, surgeons and interventionalists need to work together to ensure their combined knowledge, expertise and experience are used to their highest potential, for the best outcome of the patient. This means engagement not only in a clinical setting, but also when it comes to data analysis and producing guidelines.

To encourage more interventional radiologists to get involved in tumour boards and clinical management, ECIO 2017 will offer a number of useful sessions, including ones on tumour biology, how to get started in IO practice, general patient management, complication management and a morbidity and mortality conference. The conference will naturally be exploring new technologies and clinical applications, such as intra-tumoural viral therapy, intra-arterial immunotherapy, and new drugs for advanced HCC. Clinical fields such as breast, kidney, lung and MSK tumours will be thoroughly examined, while special "how I do it" lectures will guide novices through liver, lung, kidney and bone interventions.

Data-based analysis will be a common strand throughout the congress, with a number of sessions committed to presenting and discussing the current guidelines and evidence, such as the Best IO papers of 2016, which will see authors of the most influential clinical papers present their work and take questions. Another session will equip delegates with concrete information on how they can support data acquisition within IR.

We are proud that the upcoming conference will be held in Spain for the very first time; moreover, in the exciting city of Bilbao. Located in the city’s former shipyard, our congress centre, the Euskalduna Complex, is a prime example of 21st century Bilbao architecture and will be sure to provide the perfect setting for dynamic discussion and cutting-edge science.  

We look forward to welcoming you to Bilbao!

Thomas Helmberger (Munich/DE),

José I. Bilbao (Pamplona/ES)
LHC Chairperson




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