European Conference on Interventional Oncology

Saturday, April 15 | Stockholm, Sweden

Saturday, April 15 | Stockholm, Sweden

Saturday, April 15 | Stockholm, Sweden

Saturday, April 15 | Stockholm, Sweden

Saturday, April 15 | Stockholm, Sweden

ProgrammeIO Foundation Course

IO Foundation Course

After a successful first instalment at ECIO 2022, CIRSE again offered an Interventional Oncology Foundation course providing young interventionists interested in expanding their practice to include oncology treatments a first introduction to the fourth pillar of cancer care; a fantastic learning opportunity for young physicians ready to become the next generation of interventional oncologists!

If you did not have the chance to attend the IO Foundation Course, you can watch it on demand via the congress platform.

Why this course matters

Interventional oncology (IO) offers safe and effective treatment for patients with a variety of malignancies.

Since its beginnings a few decades ago, when IO was often considered a mere go-to in the case of hard-to-reach or unresectable tumours, its importance has expanded dramatically leading to ever-new oncologic applications of minimally invasive image-guided procedures.

This does not only hold true in a palliative setting. In recent years, potentially curative IR procedures have also emerged, making an increasingly significant contribution to the treatment of oncologic patients.

These developments are quickly establishing IO as the fourth pillar of cancer care alongside medical, surgical and radiation oncology. IO procedures, when applied to the right patients, achieve excellent oncological results with fewer complications and shorter hospital stays than conventional surgery. As a result, they are less expensive and more cost-effective than surgery.

If you have not been able to gain experience with oncology procedures in your daily practice, you should watch the IO Foundation course on demand! Directed at trainees and young staff members, it will enable you to get a first overview of the most important IO procedures and how they fit into a truly multidisciplinary approach to cancer care.

In addition to getting to know the IO toolkit, you will learn about the main elements of oncology care provided by the various MDT members, including the essentials of surgical, medical and radiation oncology, and relevant aspects of histopathology.


The IO Foundation Course is part of ECIO 2023. A valid ECIO 2023 registration is required to attend the IO Foundation course. Early registration for ECIO 2023 is recommended!